Sunday, March 13, 2011

Music Publishing Company Social Media Marketing Platform Tips

Music Publishing Company Social Media Marketing Platforms

 Americans are watching on average 21 hours of video content per week; the most worldwide according to Motorola’s 2010 Global Media Engagement Barometer.  With this powerful statistic it becomes obvious to choose YouTube as one of three Social Media Marketing Platforms.

YouTube bills itself as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small.  As a Music Publishing Company original content created can include footage from work being performed to produce music in a studio, an artist giving a radio or internet drop for the Music Publishing Company or an artist endorsing a product in which the Music Publishing Company has a partnership with.

Below find three tips that Music Publishing Company marketers can implement in utilizing YouTube as a marketing platform:
1.)  Ensure the profile that you create in YouTube reflects your organization as a Music Publishing Company and is consistent with business strategy; this provides a way to differentiate your organization from others of the same type which may or may not have a presence on YouTube.
2.)  When adding or making a video your favorite on your YouTube Channel ensure that each video complements your organizations goals and objectives and or highlights some aspect of a service that is needed which your organization can provide and can also fulfill a service which your organization does not provide; this can usually lead to cooperative agreements/strategic partnerships.
3.)  Content which you do post to YouTube should be structured to include relevant contact information and route potential customers to your website.  This places the organization in a position to acquire new consumers and gives them a reason to engage you for business.

Facebook as a Social Media Marketing Platform is a perfect second choice.  Three ways in which marketers can utilize Facebook as a marketing platform include:
1.                                1.)  Create a page for your organization, ensuring that you choose either the “Brand or Product” page or “Entertainment” page best suited to your business strategy.
2.                                 2.) Solicit feedback from your Fans about their favorite songs then put the album on sale where most of those songs reside.
3.                                 3.) Make sure your organizations Facebook page links back to both the brick-and-mortar and Internet presence.

With a 140-character limit, Twitter forces an organization to provide content that can both entertain and grab a potential consumers attention. Below are three tips that can help ensure that using Twitter as a marketing platform adds value to your organization:
1.                                  1.)  Create different twitter channels for unique aspects of your organization to possibly include artists doing business with the company or endorsements/partnerships.
2.                                   2.)  Tweet giveaways for behind the scenes access for fans at special events.
3.                                   3.)  Tweet tour schedules, video shoot locations and autograph signings.

Remember, the above tips can only be fully implemented if each and all of the platforms used converge back to the organizations official website and or brick-and-mortar business establishment.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Music Publishing from Scratch

“A Dynasty Must Build!” this is what I told my business partner and Founder of Limelight Music Publishing when it became obvious that our meeting over the Blackberry Messenger Service was more than a coincidence.  Established in October of 2010; Limelight Music Publishing was formed through the enlightened vision of Nigel Angus which was backed by the focal clarity of Jamel L. Raines to combine knowledge and expertise of the entertainment industry spanning across multiple areas of discipline creating a company which can fill the gaps we realized through extensive personal discussions.

Limelight Music Publishing utilizes substantially developed personal and entertainment industry relationships, contact as well as foundations of trust and integrity along with combined pools of intellectual capital acquired through personal, social and professional experiences to provide personally customized resources to publish music that can never be bittersweet.

The importance of a professional network in our field of the entertainment industry has been and will continue to be paramount to the success of Limelight Music Publishing as we get ourselves off the ground through the development of a solid administrative foundation of all necessary paperwork for company establishment, product acquisition and implementation of our business strategy.

Nigel Angus brings to the table his network of Photographers, Video Producers, Make-up Artists, Models, Music Producers, Artists, Business Owner’s as well as Record Label Contacts and relationships through his professional endeavors as an A&R in the entertainment industry.

Jamel Raines brings to the table his network of DJ’s, Club Promoters, Music Producers, Artists, Business Owner’s as well as Sound Engineering Contacts and relationships through his professional endeavors as an event/concert production manager for various shows in the entertainment industry.

Here are three ways in which Limelight Music Publishing will use digital media to help kick-start our career as music publishers:

1.)  Social Media Presence: Limelight Publishing intends to lay the foundation for a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

2.)  Video Media Presence: Limelight Publishing intends to upload company generated content highlighting artists doing business with Limelight Publishing to Vimeo, YouTube and

3.)  Audio Media Presence: Limelight Publishing will utilize iTunes, Soundcloud, and Topspin Media to distribute created content digitally.

Nigel Angus and Jamel L. Raines will be responsible executives for digital media strategy, marketing, advertising, distribution, syndication, content creation, innovation and product development for Limelight Music Publishing.